About #SrigleyStats:

#SrigleyStats was created in February 2022 by Joseph Srigley — the Managing Editor of TobyChristie.com — and serves as a culmination of a passion for statistics, spreadsheets, and NASCAR.

The brand debuts its first social media graphic on February 28, 2022, after a record-breaking start to the NASCAR Cup Series season. From there, #SrigleyStats was displayed upwards of 60 times on various stat graphics, which garnered more than 2.5 million impressions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Along the way, #SrigleyStats became a passion project, while also bringing thousands of brand-new eyeballs to Srigley’s work as a journalist for TobyChristie.com.

Entering 2023, the #SrigleyStats brand expanded even further, with the creation of this Substack channel, which initially offered a Weekend Recap with results, career-best results, and a spotlight driver, as well as the #SrigleyStats Sheet — for paid members only.

As part of a strategic partnership between TobyChristie.com and Racing America, the #SrigleyStats graphics began displaying the branding of Racing America, while also gaining access to its established social media reach — on top of the rapidly-growing reach that it has established on its own.

However, the sophomore season of #SrigleyStats on Substack will look different — largely a result of an increased workload occupying a greater portion of time — with the removal of the paid feature, and the merging of the Weekend Recap and Stat Sheet.

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